Poop birth

December 27, 2007

Like pushing an orange through a straw, sometimes it’s hard to poop. It feels like you’re giving birth. Sometimes you might even make some struggling noises and do a little heavy breathing. That’s fine; we all do it.

HOWEVER, it’s not ok to make struggling noises in public bathrooms when other people are present. What are you, some kind of savage? I hate hearing people struggle to squeeze a poop out. It’s ridiculous. And most times, I highly doubt it’s even that much of a struggle. Maybe you had Chinese food for lunch. Ok, I’ll give you that, but only for like a day. If you’re breathing heavy in the bathroom every day, I have some advice for you: Suck it up. Take it like a man, ya pansy.


One Response to “Poop birth”

  1. NADIA Says:

    I once snacked on a 1/2 lb. of dried apricots and almost died. It built so much gas in my stomach to the point where I felt like I was going to blow up. My stomach started to build up and swell right before my eyes where I Looked like I was ready to deliver a baby. My stretch marks were very visible just like when I was pregnant. The worst part of my story is that I wasn’t able to pass gas and the pain was a KILLER. I was getting ready to go to ER when my nurse friend suggested a sit in a warm tub with water temp more to the hot side, and to use a heating pad. It took an hour before I felt any relief and it was a night to REMEMBER FOREVER!! No more dried apricots ever!

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