Longest fart

April 9, 2007

I wonder if there’s a world record for the longest fart? If there is, I might’ve come close to breaking it (pun) yesterday. Following a breakfast overly filled with fiber (I was visiting old people), I didn’t notice any adverse reactions. But then dinner came around, and I could feel my body inflating with gas pressure. After the meal, I snuck off to my room, closed the door behind me, and let out a nice solid fart that lasted for 3-5 seconds. That amount of time doesn’t sound too long when you say it, but when a fart lasts that long, it’s an event to be witnessed. Oh what a day of farting.


9 Responses to “Longest fart”

  1. Greg Says:

    no joke, i am looking online to find the real answer. but my previous records are…

    17 seconds (few months ago)
    12 seconds (previous record – like 4/5 years ago)


  2. pat Says:

    well, i has a 20 sec. fart. it was after 15 sliiders and a six pack of beer, that one burner!!

  3. Flatch Says:

    I dropped one the other evening,had the woman over and when she went to the loo thought i had the all clear.. ,had to cut it short at 22 seconds when i herd her return.
    PS Have recording if interested…Flatch

  4. Flatch Says:

    Have license plates…FLATCH…not flatch 1 or what ever..Flatch

  5. NONAME Says:

    LOLZ, the world record is 2 min 42 sec!!!

  6. Sanjin Says:

    I just started looking for that answer because i had a taco and alot of beans and i had a 57 second long fart ridiculously long.

  7. Greg Says:

    word? 20 seconds? beats me by 3.
    And the guy down there saying 2 min 42 seconds… where’d you find that?

  8. Fart Master Says:

    I have achieved over a minute, on film.


    Put that in your mouth and eat it. Actually, don’t.

  9. connor Says:

    i had a fart once when i was 9 yrs ols that was around 2 minutes long mabey about 2:10 no joke i thought i would never fart again

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