Laughing at farts

March 19, 2007

First off, I’m awesome. Let’s all agree on that and move on.

Second, here’s what happens when I go into a public bathroom.

  1. I check under the stalls to make sure nobody’s there.
  2. I fart while I pee.
  3. I laugh at my fart.
  4. I laugh at the fact that I’m laughing at my fart.

I’m 24 years old. I guess I figured I’d grow out of it by now. That looks like a “no”.


6 Responses to “Laughing at farts”

  1. Jake Says:

    When I go into public restrooms, I go into a stall, pull my feet up so that people looking under the stalls to make sure no one’s there can’t see me.
    Then I giggle silently to myself when they fart and pee at the same time at the urinals.

    Once I went into a public bathroom with a friend, with both went into two separate unoccupied stalls, and I heard him break serious wind while peeing. I laughed out loud without restraint. I flushed and left the bathroom, still laughing, and when my friend came out he was red-faced with laughter and said “Dude, that wasn’t me.”

  2. divide Says:

    That’s awesome. Seriously great story.

  3. curlyq Says:

    I give myself dutch ovens all the time and laugh at the smell and or noise that my farts make. I have to say that I don’t think the humor in the sounds/smell will ever get old. Life is good ; )

  4. jennifer Says:

    I laugh at my farts all the time and I am 35. You don’t grow out of it – it just never gets old.

  5. divide Says:

    Curlyq, you’re damn right. Life is good when you can laugh at farts. It’s the little things.

  6. FooFooDyne Says:

    The other day I was washing my hands after peeing and my manager was at the urinal behind me peeing. He ripped a big, loud fart and I said “you go boy”.

    He looked up in disgust.

    I walked away as I dried my hands.

    It was never discussed again. I just don’t get people that can’t laugh at a good fart.

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