Unintentionally hot

November 17, 2006

I think I’m more attracted to females who are unintentionally hot. I’m usually not impressed by the ones who make a considerable effort to improve their attractiveness, and I generally ignore the ones that get a lot of attention from guys. I’m more impressed with the ones who are hot by accident. Sometimes they wear low-cut shirts and show off some cleavage; other times they wear some slightly tight pants and show off their tight butt. But usually when they do things like this, it’s not to attract attention. They just bought some clothes and put them on. They’re not trying to make a statement or appear “hot”. They’re just being themselves. That’s what I find most attractive.


2 Responses to “Unintentionally hot”

  1. nosugrefneb Says:

    Yes, the ones who don’t even know it and as a result don’t act like it. They are just there…going about their business…being all hot and stuff.

  2. curlyg Says:

    At times I find myself atracted to nerds…I like a brain. So there is this one guy at work and he is just sooo soo smart and it gets me all hot. He isn’t really that attractive, but he IS attractive cause of his brain. Sometimes I imagine him whispering math equations into my ear or telling me facts about stuff I don’t know while are fooling around. To each their own, right!!!
    And by trying to NOT be hot and just being himself…that makes him hot as well.

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