Pee in the shower

September 21, 2006

Yep, I pee in the shower. So what? What’s the big deal? I bet a lot of people do it. And why shouldn’t they? It seems “gross” or “unclean” at first, but when you think about it, it’s not that big of a deal. Pee, poop, sink water, and shower water all go to the same place: Your septic tank or the sewer (depending on which system you have). They all go down drain pipes and eventually combine into one big drain pipe and exit your house/building. It’s not like shower water gets reused or something. Plus, if you know anything about plumbing, you’d know that the insides of drain pipes aren’t exactly sanitary in the first place. Yeah ok, so maybe it’s “not cool” to have pee on your feet, but it gets washed off eventually. Having poop on your feet is a different story because it involves E Coli and other sorts of deadly bacteria. But we’re not talking about pooping in the shower here. We’re talking about pee. Just some liquid your body wasn’t able to use. I’m usually dirty when I enter the shower in the first place, so having a little excess “dirt” in the water isn’t that big of a deal. Join me in peeing in the shower. It’ll greatly improve the quality of your life.


15 Responses to “Pee in the shower”

  1. nosugrefneb Says:

    Peeing in the shower is by far one of the best parts of my day. (Unfortunately, I shower in the morning so it’s all downhill from there.) There’s so much pee built up from the night, and there is so much more to aim at that with a plain old toilet or a urinal: individual tiles, drains, shampoo bottles, etc. Much more exciting than just trying to avoid the seat.

    My question is: Who doesn’t pee in the shower, and do they realize how much quality of life they’re missing out on?

  2. divide Says:

    Wow, Mr. nosugrefneb. You may be the smartest individual who’s ever read this website. I couldn’t have posted a more positive, correct, and perfect comment if I tried it myself. Kudos.

    And you’re absolutely right: Trying to aim into a toilet is futile. Aiming anywhere and everywhere is true freedom and joy.

  3. nosugrefneb Says:

    Well…I don’t know about “smartest” as much as “most able to fully appreciate a great pee.” The quest for aiming anywhere and everywhere is exactly why I plan to put a floor-to-ceiling urinal in the master bathroom of my first house. Oh man, think of how amazing that would be! Maybe I should make it wall-to-wall…just have the entire bathroom be a giant urinal.

  4. divide Says:

    You’re a bona fide genius. Please, run for president.

  5. nosugrefneb Says:

    Yesssssss. First order of business: Turn the Oval Office into a massive peeing arena. Second order of business: Pull out of Iraq.

  6. divide Says:

    Boo, politics! Yay, bathroom humor!

  7. happychick Says:

    Umm… everyone pees in the shower. EVERYONE. I bet the little Queen of England has a good old time each morning… But yes. Pee. Shower. Good. (Slightly offended by the “You may be the smartest individual who’s ever read this website.” though… 😦 *sob)

  8. divide Says:

    Sorry, happychick. You’re smart too. And you’re my most regular reader.

  9. nosugrefneb Says:

    These guys know what’s up; perhaps they should be presidential contenders.

  10. jericbilo Says:

    are there only three people reading this? this is blog gold! wait. was i the first to say that? i think i might have coined a term, per se.

  11. king pooper Says:

    You sir. are a genius

  12. divide Says:

    Thank you all for your support. I could’ve easily done it without you, but you make me feel less weird about myself.

  13. janison14 Says:

    so, what would happen if you took several dumps in the same shower? would there ever be cloggage or would it all go down fine?? jus curious 🙂

  14. jennifer Says:

    I love this website – just told my husband the topic (we were discussing this the other day saying people who deny doing this are lying) and my 5 year old said “We pee in the shower” 🙂

  15. bubblicioushunni Says:

    OMG… who doesnt pee in the shower? ya, I’m a girl, and I’l tell you, I do. I do all the time, lol… I mean is kinda unnatural, if you dont… so many people just deny it, but you know they are dying to do it right now, lol

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