College girls

August 23, 2006

I always see stuff on the internet, TV, and movies that shows hot college girls dressed in skimpy clothes and showing body parts when they see a camera. When I went to college, I didn’t expect to see too much of that, but I figured I’d at least see something. There were tons of hot girls in high school, but high school had a lot of rules and high school kids live with their parents. I assumed the newfound freedom and independence of college would change things a bit.

But when I got to college I found something incredibly different: Girls give up on life. They get fat. They wear sweatpants. They don’t take showers. They don’t do their hair. College girls are such a letdown. College guys don’t really do that. They usually remain pretty clean-cut and in-shape because they want to get some of those “hot” “attractive” college girls. But then they eventually give up and focus their attention on “girls from other schools”, which means “girls who dress up on Friday nights and look hot until Monday”.


2 Responses to “College girls”

  1. curlyq Says:

    So all I have to do to be one of these “hot girls” is look good from Friday thru Monday????
    I wonder if the guys running Girls Gone Wild go out and do all those shoots between Friday and Monday?? Oh wait..those girls in those videos are what I like to call “whores” and I am thinking to go from just a “hot girl” to a whore I would have to do a little bit more then just look good for 3 days.
    I am thinking I would have to spend a great deal on time on my knees and well wouldn’t knee pads go against the looking hot thing?
    God bless random thought processes

  2. Dude! Where the hell do you go to school???? Sounds like the worst..the babes here refuse to leave their rooms unless they are photo-shoot ready

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