Your poop stinks

May 21, 2006

I think it’s funny how some people think their poop doesn’t stink. If you live with a person (more than likely a girl), you know what I’m talking about. Some girls (and some guys, I suppose) poop in the bathroom and think no one knows about it. These people need to realize that other people really do know about it because poop stinks. Even if they think, “Oh that was a small one. I’m sure it doesn’t stink.” In reality, it does. That’s where the expression came from. “You think your poop doesn’t stink?” has something to do with thinking you’re better than other people. So the next time you think your poop doesn’t stink, verify it with 2 or more witnesses. I’d be willing to bet that your poop does, in fact, stink.


5 Responses to “Your poop stinks”

  1. sharla Says:

    how stupid, who cares. Shut up and stop bitching.

  2. divide Says:

    Obviously you, Sharla, care enough to leave a comment. Thanks for making yourself look like an idiot. You made my job easier.

  3. steve Says:

    Well, poop doesn’t have to stink. Check out the pills at

  4. divide Says:

    Oh my God, that’s awesome.

  5. girl Says:

    funny thing is u think tht the smell is gone but if u go out of the washroom come back in after 5 secs the smell is still there ,, i used to think the smells gone hehe i guess u get immuned to the smell…

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