Urgent poop

April 14, 2006

Sometimes I’ll be sitting at work and I’ll suddenly feel an unbelievably immediate need to poop. There’s no warning. No time to prepare. It’s just all of a sudden. It doesn’t happen everyday, and it hasn’t happened in a little while mainly (I think) because I don’t drink coffee everyday like I used too. It happens so suddenly that I almost have to run to the bathroom. Then when I get in the bathroom, I have to struggle to pull my pants down as fast as possible. I’m surprised I make it.


9 Responses to “Urgent poop”

  1. happychick Says:

    For your benefit, I thought I’d tell you something that you{and only you} would find of great importance. I had an urgent-poop moment on Friday. I couldn’t wait to get home to post you about it, but I was on holiday so I had to hold my posting-urge in. But the Urgent-poop-urge was too much to handle. I almost didn’t make it.

  2. divide Says:

    Ha! I think everybody knows what I’m talking about when I write these things. Most people are too embarrassed to talk about it.

  3. happychick Says:

    NEVER BE EMBARRASSED. Thats my motto. {especially around guys on the internet you don’t know who talk about Farts and Poops on a daily basis.} 🙂

  4. divide Says:

    Yeah nobody knows me. I pretty much don’t even exist. You couldn’t figure out who I am even if you tried. And that’s what’s cool. I’m anonymous. I rule.

  5. uh yeah Says:


  6. rigomortis tortise Says:

    Today I had an urgent food baby and I gave birth more than once today. I think it is the only time in history that one person has birthed so many babies in such short a time.

    I RULE

  7. rigomortis tortise Says:

    nobody knows me either. I am a brown trout in a muddy stream.

  8. Jake Says:

    The caffeine is an amazing substance with its ability to selectively stimulate my bowel. No such thing as constipation.

  9. Thomas Wayne Says:

    Perhaps you need to eat more cheese, which slows down the process… There’s a self-proclaimed “Important Doctor” over at this page who recommends a bacon and cheese diet to keep you regular.

    There’s even a comment by a guy who called himself “Bowels Aflame”, which would fit in with this discussion you have going on. (I need to tell him about this site!)

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