Guy at work

April 6, 2006

There’s a janitor at work who has a slight mental deficiency (I’m assuming). Either that or he has below-average social skills. He’s a nice guy, and I have nothing against janitors or mentally retarded people. But this guy is different. He talks a lot. And when he starts talking to you, he doesn’t stop. At first, he saw a box of granola bars in my trash, and he said something about how he liked them too. I thought, “Hey cool, he’s a nice janitor.” But then he came back the next day and told me vivid details about cleaning out a microwave. I figured, “Uh oh, I talked to this guy once, and now he’s my best friend.” But then I noticed he did the same thing to every other person he saw: He talked to them forever about random things, though usually about his job. Today, he caught me as I was walking by, and he talked to me about how he cleaned out an air conditioner vent, and how it was good for the air flow, and how the guy in the office didn’t even ask him to do it. It’s weird. It’s almost like he pretends that people ask him questions. Like, “Hey buddy, whatchya been up to lately?” And then he answers. The reason I say he’s probably mentally retarded is because he doesn’t quite understand that I work in a serious place of business. Sure, I have a lot of down time during the day, but people actually do work. So by talking on endlessly about the little details of his cleaning job, he’s sort of wasting people’s time. And I can take some of that. But it’s when he goes on endlessly that I’m reminded of certain things I actually have to be doing. This guy doesn’t notice when the person he’s talking to is trying to get back to work. He doesn’t realize that he’s holding them up. But oh well, he’s a nice guy. He has good intentions.


4 Responses to “Guy at work”

  1. happychick Says:

    Call me considerate, but I think you’re being a bit harsh. The reason I say this is because I do this too! You call it “endless chatter”, but I call it-making conversation. Ok sure, he’s a little dippy, people look at him funny and try to edge away as he’s talking about air-con vents or cleaning toilets and what-not, and I’m sure you do your best to be politely rude, right? Well, I just had a brainwave. You probably have no intention to do it, but i’ll say it anyway:
    Go into work 10-15 minutes early. Start a conversation with him, but make it perfectly clear- “I can only talk till 7.30”, or “Sorry, mate, I have to go now or I’ll get chopped”. Do it again the next day- or the next week, whatever. I’m sure he just needs a friend. And I’m sure he DOES notice when people try to ditch him. Poor guy. xx

  2. divide Says:

    Of course I’m being harsh. I don’t hold anything back when I write it here. But in real life, I try to be as nice as I can to the guy because he’s a nice guy and he’s not doing anything wrong. I’m just selfish with my time and don’t like it to be wasted by other people.

  3. happychick Says:

    Understandable- If I ever am unfortunate enough to “waste your time”, I’ll be sure to give you a good slap round the face for your rudeness, k? xxchick

  4. Sandra Says:

    That’s my girl ^ chick. Never have to wonder what she’s thinking. 😀

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