Orange through a straw

March 30, 2006

Sometimes my poop feels so big, it’s like squeezing an orange through a straw. It amazes me that it actually manages to come out. I have to pretty much run to the bathroom, and after I frantically pull my pants down, the poop comes. But it feels like it’s stretching me to the point of rippage. I wouldn’t be too surprised if I died on the toilet.


5 Responses to “Orange through a straw”

  1. bubblicioushunni Says:

    kk, why is it talking about how your poops come out?

  2. divide Says:

    What does that mean? What’s kk? Why do you refer to me as “it”? I talk about how my poops come out because that’s what I do on this blog. Feel free to join in.

  3. bubblicioushunni Says:

    kk means ok ok. 2 ok’s. And I’m sorry, I’ve just never seen a site like this, its kinda cool, how you can talk to people who barely know you like this, and stand up and do it… I admire you for it… Its pretty cool.

  4. divide Says:

    You’re right, I am pretty cool. In fact, I’m awesome.

    But actually, I’m a coward. I sit at my computer and write these things instead of telling them to a real human being. And you don’t know who I am. I’m completely anonymous.

    But again, you’re right. This site is pretty cool. I really enjoy writing about my bathroom experiences. It’s so liberating. And I like hear about other people having similar experiences. It’s great to know we’re not alone.

  5. […] 27, 2007 Like pushing an orange through a straw, sometimes it’s hard to poop. It feels like you’re giving birth. Sometimes you might […]

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