Poop alone

March 21, 2006

I like to poop alone. In fact, I will almost never poop unless I’m alone. If I walk into a public bathroom and somebody’s already pooping in a stall, I won’t poop alongside them. I’m just not comfortable with that. I think it’s weird. Many people seem to disagree with me: If I’m pooping in a stall, they’ll come right next to me and poop away. That really pisses me off. It used to happen all the time in college. There were 6 stalls, but for some reason, everyone used the same one (though not at the same time). In other words, if a person walked into the bathroom, they would always go to stall number 6. Without fail. But sometimes I would poop in stall number 5, and the people would still go in stall number 6. What ever happened to common decency? Can’t a person poop alone? In one of my college dorms, there was a tiny little single-person bathroom for the girls to use, because it was an all-guys dorm. I used to use that bathroom to poop in because there was no chance of someone being near me. It was my little comfort zone. I wish my job had a “poop alone” stall. That would be stellar.


11 Responses to “Poop alone”

  1. happychick Says:

    I prefer to poop alone too. Actually, public toilets freak me out. I always blast the tap to drown out any of my natural noises too. xx chick

  2. divide Says:

    I can’t even pretend to be ok with pooping near other people. I walked into a bathroom the other day where there were 3 stalls. Stalls 1 and 2 were taken up by people pooping, while stall 3 was empty. I just stood there in complete confusion, thinking, “Which one of these idiots went into a stall right next to someone else? That person should die.”

  3. Fecal Dump Says:

    I don’t mind pooping next to people. Usually, I evacuate my bowels right into the palm of my hand and then either A.) Fling it at somebody or B.) smear it all over my face like a commando. Sometimes when I fart, poop squirts out.

  4. happychick Says:

    And we are all very, very glad you are joking, or otherwise, we are all not so glad you are mentally unstable.

  5. divide Says:

    And by “we”, happychick means “me and her”. We’re the only two people that read this site, except for the occasional Fecal Dump like yourself. How do people find this site? Do they search for “liquid poop explosion” or “napalm death farting”? I just don’t get it.

  6. happychick Says:

    Yeah, I have lots of people who check my blog, for the simple fact that I check theirs. But, as you don’t really like reading other peoples’ stuff, you seem to have run into a wall there. Never mind, I’ll be here.

  7. TJ Says:

    Ironically enough, I actually did find this site by “poop explosion”

  8. divide Says:

    Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?

  9. bubblicioushunni Says:

    OMG so true!!! I cannot poop with anyone near me… seriously, i am worse than you.. If there is anyone esle in the public bathroom, I WILL NOT go. I will hold it till I get home, instead of risking haveing someone who knows me hear me poop… its weird, i know… but ya.. lol oh ya, and if there is a line for a porter potty at like a fair, I wont use it, seriously, I dont have a prob waiting in line, its that, if you poop, the person after you, is gonna see your poop, lol… I mean its habit…to look in the toilet, right?

  10. bubblicioushunni Says:

    hey i found this site my looking up fart, on google blog, lol, ( I have WAY too much time on my hands,) I think you do too lol

  11. I have my room in the ground floor and there is only one bathroom and i dont feel like to poop unless everyone goes to the first floor

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