Girls who think they’re hot

March 21, 2006

My college was an engineering school and I now have a job in an engineering field. That’s how I am; that’s what I like. But there’s this little interesting thing about technology: It doesn’t attract girls. Although scholarships are given out and girls are recruited, neither tech schools nor tech jobs have many girls. Yeah, there are some. But not many.

And because of this fact, the girls that are actually in these places get quite a bit of attention. Quite a bit of unnecessary attention. It’s like a prison: Men in prison never see women, so they resort to homosexuality. Or they go for anything they can get, male or female. It’s sort of like that in the tech field. There are girls who are ugly and weird and smelly, but they get all kinds of attention because they’re the only girls around.

But there’s this whole other thing that happens. Normal, average-looking girls are treated like they’re the most sought-after, beautiful beings in all of God’s creation. And this puffs up their little egos. They start out as quiet, simple, friendly girls. But then they turn into proud, elitist girls who think they’re hot. If they were in any other situation on the planet, they would be considered average at best. But since they’re in girl-lacking environments, they’re hot.

And I know this. And these girls know this. So I won’t look at these girls or treat them any better or act any different around them. And it kills them. It kills them to be identified as a fraud. “Hey! You’re not hot! You’re just pretending to be hot because the people around you are treating you like a hot person! Fraud!”

And hey listen, I’m no Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. I’m not gorgeous; people don’t think I’m hot. I’m not comparing hot girls with ugly girls and saying the hot ones are better. All I’m saying is that some girls think they’re hot, and it changes their personality. And if they ever had to the leave the tech field and go into something non-technical like marketing, they would be crushed.


4 Responses to “Girls who think they’re hot”

  1. happychick Says:

    Yes I’m back. sorry about that. [: But I agree. Seriously. I was never pretty- and definitely not hot. But then I moved into a little country town, where there is definitely a shortage of “hot” people. And suddenly- dont ask me how- I became a “hot” person. People would say “Wow, you could have any guy in this town”. I didnt want any guy in this town. The perverted old men staring, the wolf-whistles- I find it all very disturbing. I’ve seen so many girls become “hot”, and they all change so much that the people who loved them before are repulsed. I swear that’ll never happen to me. xx

  2. divide Says:

    I’m so glad I got a response from a girl. I fully believe what I wrote, and I’m glad someone else feels the same.

  3. happychick Says:

    You’re very welcome. haha “I’m so glad I got a response from a girl” lol. I’m definitely gonna keep reading your blog {and vice-versa, I presume? 🙂 xxchick

  4. divide Says:

    Eh maybe. I don’t really like reading other people’s stuff.

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