Bring on the poop

March 21, 2006

All my life, I never had a problem pooping. I never understood people who were constipated or who had bowel problems. It always came easy to me. But then last week, I had quite a bit of pressure in my bowels. I’m not sure what it was from. It could’ve been too much cheese or some other combination of bad things. But I felt like there was a brick in my stomach, and it just wouldn’t go away. My wife said to eat more fiber, so I ate a bunch of fiber for a few days. But I didn’t feel any better. I drank some coffee because it had a positive effect on me in the past, but that didn’t help. I felt like I couldn’t pass this thing that was blocking up my insides.

And then yesterday, as I was sitting at my desk, it came. Well, actually I made it to the bathroom before it came. But oh, was it good. And I realized why it came and why it always comes at work: I tuck my shirt in and I wear a belt, which makes my pants a little tight. It makes them tight right over the part of my body that stores the poop. I can feel it. As soon as I unbuckle my belt, there’s significantly less pressure.


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