Fart bank

March 20, 2006

I wish I could convince my body to adopt a “fart bank” method of doing things: To save up farts for several hours at a time (with no discomfort), and then to release them all at once or in a short amount of time at some pre-decided, specified time. So instead of sitting at my desk at work, struggling to keep my farts in or even letting a few out, I could save up all my farts in my fart bank and then go outside at 3pm to release them all. That would make my life so much easier and more comfortable.


2 Responses to “Fart bank”

  1. Zephyr Says:

    I think this fart bank concept has already been developed a little while ago though it is clearly deficient for most people as it only holds a few minutes worth of deposits. I believe it is called “going number 2”.

  2. Jessi13 Says:


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